I’m drawn to Geometric Abstraction, Color Field, Hard Edge, Op Art, and De Stijl using them as a means to convey the inner portraits of subjects. Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, Rothko, Mondrian, Ellsworth Kelly, Carlos Cruz-­Diez, Jesús Rafael Soto, and Joaquín Torres-García are all important as influences.

My work represents subjects, situations, and emotions in a reductive visual language. The indelible impressions of our experiences shape what we are inside: our contradictions, hopes, addictions, ego, love, self awareness, doubts — all part of a complex composition that exudes a type of wavelength, vibe, or presence that is projected outward. This work looks to capture sensory observation, beyond the mere visual, through geometric constructs, interpretive motifs, and color harmonies. Each composition is drawn from the immaterial and intangible by way of what we can’t see, but feel, with the intent of being equatable as to who, or what, they are.


2018 Superfine! Miami 2018: Solo booth  December 2018

2018 Transformation at Ligne Roset, The Directed Art Modern,  December 4th 2018

2018 SCOPE (ArtBasel Miami): The Directed Art Modern,  December 2018

2018 Spectrum Gestalt 5, BLEICHER/GORMAN (bG), Santa Monica, CA

2018 Group Show: Rocking Chair Sessions, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami June. 7th – July. 7th

2018 Solo Show: Vine and Wine Boutique, Miami Beach Feb. 3rd – Mar. 21

2018 New Works , Swenson Gallery at Bakehouse Art Complex (Curator: Justin Long), Miami, FL

2017  Geoform, JanKossen Gallery at ARTEPONTE, New York, NY

2017  Solo Show: Curator Brian Patrick Adams, The Gate, Boston, MA July 15 – Aug. 15

2017  Spectrum Gestalt 4, BLEICHER/GORMAN (bG), Santa Monica, CA

2017  Bakehouse Art Complex, Curator: Yuneikys Villalonga, Miami, FL

2016  Juried: Juror’s Choice, Curator: Elizabeth Devlin, Uforge Gallery, Boston, MA

2016  Juried: On The Map , Curator: Christopher French. 3S Artspace Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

2016  Juried selected (Mike Lash) Studio Visit Magazine Summer 2016

2015  Solo Show: You are What You Eat and Pigeon Pop, Caramelo Clothing Co.(1st Thursdays), November

2015  Solo Show: Self Portraits, James’s Gate, February 23rd – April 6th